beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2015 Finals – Tickets – World Cafe Live Philadelphia – Upstairs – Philadelphia, PA – August 23rd, 2015

beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2015 Finals

beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2015 Finals

Final Warning, Family Volleyball, Widow Maker Social Club, Those People, Ceramic Animal

Sun · August 23, 2015

7:00 pm

World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs


beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2015
beta hi-fi Emerging Music Festival 2015
Join us at World Cafe Live for a FREE week-long music festival featuring some of the region's cream of the crop! From August 18th through August 23rd, beta hi-fi will continue the tradition started at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live of providing a platform for the best of this region's finest emerging songwriters. Culminating in a line-up of over 25 performances throughout the week, beta hi-fi serves as a showcase for industry professionals and for fans looking to discover new artists. Sunday night's show will feature the week's best performers chosen by a panel of expert judges, who will be rewarded with prizes galore! Submit your band now at!
Final Warning - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Final Warning
Founded in 2009 in New Jersey, Final Warning is a punk-rock trio whose catchy melodies, driving energy, and bad sense of hum...or create a style of music that is reminiscent of the resurgence of punk in the 90's with elements of more serious song writing dating back to rock and roll in the 60's. They have recorded four studio albums of original material that have been played on major Philadelphia radio stations and college radio stations all across the country. The band's fan base is constantly growing as they play shows along the east coast and continue to explore new places to showcase their music. Get in touch, play the music, and share!
Family Volleyball - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Family Volleyball
Dreamy Lo-Fi Surf Pop guaranteed to fill your soul with nectar
Ethan Kerr
Owen Zieger
Harry Welsh
Michael Zicchinolfi
Widow Maker Social Club - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Widow Maker Social Club
The 5 members of Widow Maker Social Club have been together for a long time. Not since college or even high school, rather, going to Kindergarten with each other, buying first instruments together, getting through the awkward early 20’s together, old band breakups to new band makeups, becoming uncles together and burying their loved ones together. They do all things together.

Lead Vocalist and Pianist Matthew Ooi started crafting the band’s early songs in the childhood home of drummer Michael O’Boyle over 3 years ago in Wilmington, Delaware. The addition of bassist Nicholas DeMaio and guitarists Jose Lopez and Christopher DeJoseph completed the original lineup and the band spent its 1st year in an unfinished basement writing what would become their debut EP entitled ‘Revolutions’.
The goal of the EP was to show how 5 musicians who grew up in their respective music scenes could show their growth and maturity from their prior releases.

Widow Maker Social Club delivered and continues to deliver songs that have a strong backbeat and Show Tune-quality 3 part vocal delivery. They accurately write lyrics that are identifiable not only among their own peers, but younger teens experiencing love for the first time to their parents trying to understand all of the reasons life is difficult.

Their live shows display their obsessive characteristics towards rehearsal and their undying promise to deliver the best performance no matter how big or small the venue or crowd may be. They have been known to switch instruments many times throughout the set O'Boyle is credited for 3 instruments in the most recent recording, 'Get Closer' While Ooi and Lopez have 2 each as well. .The crowd watches with a fascinated attention between songs due to the band’s unpredictable nature and instrumentation.

Other than June 2013’s ‘Revolutions’, Widow Maker Social Club has recorded another EP with famed engineer and artist Ace Enders at The Living Room in Hammonton, NJ entitled 'Get Closer'.

‘Revolutions’ is available world-wide on iTunes and can be streamed for free on their site. 'Get Closer' will be featured exclusively on and will be available to download at a ‘pay what you want’ price.
Those People - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Those People
Those People is a collection of multi-instrumentalists that creates simple, intelligent rock and pop songs. Their songs “take the listener on a sonic journey chock full of inventive vocal harmonies, interesting melody, and lyrical content,” (Jennifer Logue, Rock On Philly).

Those People was formed by two music and English teachers tired of playing covers. Their early demos garnered attention from local radio stations (WMMR, WZZO) and promoters, and opened the doors to some of Philadelphia’s preeminent stages (Milkboy, North Star Bar, Kung Fu Necktie, to name a few). Their electric live shows earned them invites to play the Liberty Music Festival and the South Street Spring Festival.

In the summer of 2014 they teamed up with award-winning producer Bill Moriarty and mastering engineer Brian Lucey to record the EP “Be Careful What You Wish For,” due out December 2014. The EP highlights all the strengths of the band: vocal harmony, pop rhythms, raunchy guitar interlaced with a keyboard backbone. The songs run the gamut from exuberant to somber while staying true to their rock roots.

Those People will continue to bring their style of rock music to the stage and expand their fan base as they plan an East Coast tour in support of their EP—while continuing to write new music for a full-length due out next year
Ceramic Animal - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Ceramic Animal
Four good boys in their fresh-pressed Sunday best. That’s how many a wholesome mom have described Ceramic Animal, though if the true story of Ceramic Animal was a tall, safety-first cyclist, that description would only be touching the helmet.

You see, suits aren’t the only things the CA boys press--their first album, The Cart, was pressed and released on vinyl in early 2017. Ceramic Animal wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced The Cart in-house at Daddy’s Basement Studios. The CD release came later in 2017, and both are available at the Ceramic Animal web store.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the good boys of Ceramic Animal are professionals. You can find them everywhere you’d expect, just ask the tens of thousands who’ve already found them on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and the like. No doubt the extra support will speed Ceramic Animal along on the journey to the second album--Which, if you can keep a secret, is well under way.

Warren - guitar, vox
Elliott - keys, vox
Erik - drums
Dallas - bass
Venue Information:
World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs
3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104