Canvas People and The Naked Sun – Tickets – World Cafe Live Philadelphia – Upstairs – Philadelphia, PA – April 20th, 2018

Canvas People and The Naked Sun

Canvas People and The Naked Sun

Fri · April 20, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs

$10 + Fees

Canvas People
Canvas People
Infusing elements of lucid, indie space rock and harmony-driven alt-rock, Canvas People produces a distinctly unique brand of new age music. Reminiscent of contemporary acts such as Kings Of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, and My Morning Jacket, Canvas People creates an enchanting blend of booming 3 part harmonies and shaded, seductive indie rock grooves.

Based out of Austin, TX, the 4-piece rock group is a spot-on representation of the quality original music coming out of the “live music capitol of the world”. Their upcoming record City Boy Slump perfectly captures this young band’s ability to channel classic, sophisticated musical ideas, and mold them into entrancingly captivating modern rock songs. Lead single, “Astronaut”, takes listeners on a journey through pulsating drum grooves and melancholic, syncopated guitar riffs, while laid back chiller “Parking Lot” incites memories of the nostalgic indie rock era of the late 90s.

Lead singer, Kyle Taylor, commented on the group’s progression since their release of "Sirens" in 2014: “At its conception, Canvas People was a deliberate effort to push our music into the experimental folk genre, but as we’ve progressed and as the new EP indicates, we’ve returned to our indie rock roots, with a greater emphasis on group composition and energetic rock performance.”

Joining Taylor is Wes Maxwell on lead guitar/backing vocals, Luke Williams on bass/backing vocals, and Pat Epley on drums. Williams and Maxwell’s harmonies coupled with Epley’s tasteful drumming provide the perfect back drop to lead singer Kyle Taylor’s superbly crafted songwriting.

Canvas People will be hitting the road later this year in support of their new release, City Boy Slump. Stay tuned to see where these guys go; definitely an act worth watching.
The Naked Sun
The Naked Sun
Since releasing their self-produced “Pickled Hearts” EP in May 2015 and first studio EP, “Space, Place, and Time”, in 2013, Philadelphia’s The Naked Sun has evolved into a rousing power-folk outfit that has been celebrated for its playful and poignant brand of indie folk/rock. They may or may not have coined the phrase, but “honest rock” has unquestionably been their ethos since their start back in 2011. With songs that echo the rawness and sincerity of the cities around which its members grew up—Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia—the band blends the basics of roots rock and folk with layers of bolstering piano and organ, intricate pedal steel leads, and melodic choruses backed by satisfying vocal harmonies. Now, The Naked Sun is proud to announce that they will be releasing their debut album, War with Shadows on January 26, 2018.

Rooted in the songwriting of frontman and acoustic/electric rhythm guitarist Andrew Wesley Harris, all the band members – Philly indie scene veterans Tim Campbell (lead guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals) and Ken Letherer (bass); Dave Gladney (drums); Alan Sheltzer (acoustic piano, electric piano, organ); and Nerissa Jaucian (backing vocals, lead vocals on the song “Snail Mail”), contribute to the band’s amalgam of rock, pop and folk. Andrew says, “The album has a heavy emphasis on lyrical content and themes of addiction, regret, redemption, love and loss. We feel that this is what separates us from a lot of other bands out there.”

War with Shadows was produced by Brian McTear (War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, matt pond PA, Sharon van Etten, Joan Osbourne, the Districts, among many others), and was recorded in July of 2017 at Miner Street Recordings in Fishtown, PA. The album features drummer Pat Berkery on the tracks “Do You Wanna Dance?” “Rose Gold”, “Purple Sunset”, and “Clouds” and cellist Eve Miller on “Clouds”. “Brian was amazing to work with and he not only challenged us to write our best music, but he help to arrange and rearrange some of our songs, and he even made me write a new verse for a song literally while we tracked vocals for that song”, Andrew says.

The first single and video from War with Shadows is “Holdin' Back the Heart”. “Holdin' is the very first song the band wrote together way back in 2010, when we were first starting out. We've closed almost every single one of our shows since our inception with this song. I knew it was special when I wrote it because it was one of those songs that just kind of came out of me. I wrote the chorus and music in what seemed to be 5 minutes, but was probably more like a half hour. This was a totally different style of music for me to write, and at the time a part of me didn't want to write it because it seemed so out of place. I quickly killed that voice and let it come out. Lyrically this song is about falling in love again, after losing in love so many times before. It's about vulnerability, letting one's guard down, and letting someone in to the most delicate space of your soul, your heart. I married the woman I am writing about in the song 5 years later.”

Another highlight of War with Shadows is the track “Do You Wanna Dance?” “It came to me as I listened to my heart race while drinking a ton of coffee while friends were visiting us at our Cape May retreat (granma’s house). The night before was filled with a ton of talk about the recent police killings of unarmed black men and boys. I remember around the time I was writing this song that I had rediscovered my love of rhythm in music (with the help of an intense LSD trip). ALL music needs to have a connection to the Earth’s song, the pulse of the planet as it revolves around the sun. This gravity can be felt in the trance-like beat laid down by Pat Berkery (War on Drugs). The song, to me, has a frantic and anxious pace, disguised by the ambiance of the keys and guitars. The title suggests a pretty straight forward question, but consider it again as a question asked tongue-in-cheek; one's answer may differ the second time around.”

Andrew was inspired by Tom Petty on the song “Burke Hollow”. “I LOVE Tom Petty. His song, "Rebels," might have the best opening line of all time, "Honey don't walk out / I'm too drunk to follow." "Burke Hollow" is my attempt at a killer opening line, "She slapped me across the face / I just couldn't walk away." I had that line for about 2 years, but couldn't figure out the rest of that song. That was until I went to Burke Hollow, VT, where my wife's family is from, and sat under stars and with the help of a little LSD and alcohol the rest of the song found it's place. I came home from that trip and wrote the entire song in about 10 minutes. I had to dig up the original lyrics first, which took me longer than it did to write the entire song.”

Commenting on their songs, “WXPN’s The Key” wrote, “…a self-proclaimed ‘honest rock’ quartet from the bottom end of the city, offer tender love songs that effectively transcend the idea of ‘honesty.’ Their sound is nothing short of vulnerable.” The band’s vulnerability is evident on the track “Purple Sunset”. “‘Purple’ is a deeply personal song that I wrote for my estranged friends losing their battles with heroin”, Andrew says. “The color purple represents the poppy flowers used to make opium, and ultimately, heroin. The character in ‘Purple’ defiantly rejects regret, owns up to their fate, and takes responsibility for his actions.”

With a true love for song, the band cites a wide spectrum of influences from which they draw their inspiration - Tom Petty’s pop genius, Bruce Springsteen’s storytelling, Bob Dylan’s social consciousness, and the energy of My Morning Jacket. Using this diverse range of musical inspiration, they set out to deliver melody and down to earth lyrics while combining with a backbone of melodic bass lines with and evocative arrangements. “The writing process for me is a constant thing”, Andrew says. “I write all of the time and tend to collect songs until it is time to record them.”

In the words of “The Owl” magazine, “Restrained and subtle, but at the same time warm and genuine, The Naked Sun stand out in amongst the crowds of rock bands by simply keeping it simple.”
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World Cafe Live Philadelphia - Upstairs
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