The 6th Annual PHLLIVE Center Stage Award Show – Tickets – World Cafe Live Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA – December 3rd, 2019

The 6th Annual PHLLIVE Center Stage Award Show
Councilmen David Oh Presents

The 6th Annual PHLLIVE Center Stage Award Show

World Cafe Live Philadelphia
All Ages
PHL Live Center Stage Awards Show appearing at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA - Tickets Available

PHL Live Center Stage Awards Show

Join us as we announce the winners of PHLLIVE Center Stage 2019.

Come network with Philly's top music industry professionals and meet Grammy Award winning and Grammy Nominated songwriters, producers and engineers. There will be special guest performances trough out the night.

PHL LIVE Center Stage is a music initiative highlighting Philly's top musical talent across multiple genres. It’s structured across 10 different genre categories, bringing diverse musicians together.

PHL LIVE Center Stage will provide emerging artists an opportunity to perform at popular local venues and win cash prizes, studio time and more! This initiative stems from Councilman At-Large David Oh, the Chairman of City Council’s Committee on Global Opportunities and Creative/Innovative Economy. The Committee is interested in providing artists in Philadelphia an opportunity to grow and gain exposure.

Categories and finalists:


1. Blue Shelton

2. Gabriel Gaw

3. Lea Wang

4. Timothy Kim

5. Andrew Malanowicz


1. Reverend TJ McGlinchey

2. Stella Ruze

3. The Honey Badgers

4. Emily Drinker

5. Meghan Cary


1. Will Nasty

2. DJ Chavo


1. AJ Collier & The Band of Believers

2. J. SEA

3. King

4. Preacherman and Friendz

Hip Hop & DJ/EDM

1. Eighty


3. Heem Fu Quan

4. Oliver Rothstein

5. Quilly Davinici


1. Greg Farnese

2. Iming Lin

3. Jessica Paige

4. Raimundo Santos


1. Maxie Mandel

2. Dom & Jesse

3. Arthur Thomas and The Funkitorium

4. Elaine Ficarra

5. Fredrick Young


1. Delmont

2. Rachel Andie & The Fifth Element

3. Yeenar

4. Sleephouse

5. The Good Mess



2. D’Monae

3. Imani Lauren

4. XL


1. Children of Adam Band

2. Philly Bloco


4. Ensemble Novo

5. Serene Salinas & Coco Salinas

Venue Information:
World Cafe Live Philadelphia
3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104